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To speak English fluently, you have to start speaking now. Don’t be afraid to make mistake. Just enjoy, have fun and practice.

Problems when Thai people speak English

Problems when Thai people speak English

Thai people are unlikely to speak English effectively even they have learned English for 10 years or more. The lack of confidence and the worry to make mistake limits their courage to speak English.

Moreover, English learning has been a nightmare for some Thai learners ever since they were young due to low motivation and a bad attitude towards English learning. For adult learners, many of them tend to avoid being embarrassed or making mistakes. So they choose to say “Yes”, “No”, “Ok” only, and they just give up improving themselves.


Problems of English Speaking

Attitude towards English Learning

You need to unlock your mindset. Be positive and say “Yes, I can do it!” People who are good at English do not always get all “As” for their study. The thing is that they never give up and never stop learning!

To improve your English speaking, you MUST NOT say

There is no magic button that let you speak English fluently and perfectly in one night. Now, it is the time for you to set your goal and start practicing

Answer these simply questions;

If you can answer them, then “Congratulations”.


Being Positive towards English Learning

Vocabulary Learning

Have you ever felt like even you know a thousand words, you cann’t even make a sentence? You become speechless in real-life communication. And you don’t know which words to use in each different situation. If so, the questions are

The BIG secrets of learning and acquiring vocabulary like native speakers are collocations, chunks, and phrases. This helps you speak English naturally and automatically.

Memorizing a thousand of grammar rules and vocabulary can not help enhance your English speaking. You have to USE it!


Using Collocations and Phrases

To be fluent in English, let’s start SPEAKING Although they’ve tried so hard to learn and practice English, they don’t even have an opportunity to use it in real life. Don’t worry anymore. Inspire English Institute provides you…

  • An awesome English community for chit-chatting and sharing experiences
  • Extra language activities inside and outside classrooms
  • Tips to practice English from a professional teacher team

Inspire English can bring you the creative activities and workshops for effective language learning. With a great atmosphere and motivation, you will never want to stop learning with us.

Inspire English; Real English for Thai Learners


Let’s SPEAK !

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Teacher team is qualified from TEFL (Teaching English as Foreign Language) Assessment is based on CEFR .

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